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To enable the school to fulfil its vision to become an Outstanding School and the school of choice for Mitcham Families

At Liberty Primary our vision is at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is our drive to the future and it is held at the school by all that are part of our community. Our vision is powerful and unique and belived by all. Please take the time to read our vision as this is what we want for all of our pupils at Liberty.


Meet Sophie Indalo...



Liberty Vision


The Story of Sophie Indalo


My little baby girl, Sophie, started school a few weeks ago. Gosh she was nervous! She wouldn’t let go of my leg and the fear was etched on her little face, but I needn’t have worried, as now she talks about school all the time! They say that they learn through play in Early Years but I’m still struggling to understand that a little bit. I know my child’s keyworker, so I can approach them.


I went to a workshop the other day and I learnt so much about how they learn at Liberty. It’s very different to my own time at school, but it sounds so much fun. I got to meet some of the other mums and dads at Stay And Play in Early Years and that’s great because it means I have made new friends in the local community. The EYFS newsletter is really helpful; it tells me what Sophie is doing at school so that can support her learning at home. She loves the Superstar reading programme as she brings home such lovely picture books and is able to read so many words already. couldn’t be more proud of her reading. She has also learnt how to write her name independently.






I can’t believe how well Sophie did in her year 2 tests, I’m so proud of her. All that extra reading I did with her and that great intervention I was trained in really ensured she reached her true potential.


Mrs Short, Teaching Assistant






Dear Diary,

I nominated one of my friends for the consideration award that the governors give out and guess what they actually won the award. I feel so proud, as Tom is always trying to involve everyone at playtimes and he’s such a good friend.

Today I used the coding programme in school to create my own game – it was very challenging! I’m also really enjoying Science, the investigations we have done recently have been so interesting, we got to create our very own fossils. I can’t wait until Science week. My little brother started in reception this year. He loves school so much and he is so happy, he even won the first Vision Award for his class because he has become an independent learner.

Lunchtimes have got so much better at school recently. The equipment we have and the games we play make lunchtime so much fun. Also the zone leaders organise games so that if we don’t have something to do there is always an activity to participate in.

Sophie Indalo



I was invited into school today to take part in an amazing learning experience; Sophie was so excited that I was coming into her classroom. The children had been really creative and had designed their own dishes and then in a “MasterChef” competition they got to bake their own unique recipes. All the parents got to join in, it was so much fun. I was so impressed with the behaviour of the children, even in the corridors; they were polite and courteous and moved so sensibly around the school. They all embraced the Liberty values and showed such a passion for learning.




The children were so happy to have their parents in school sharing their learning. All the parents were talking about it afterwards they said it had been a really positive experience. Sophie’s teacher nominated her for the “Golden Book” because of how great she is at using Alan Peat sentence types in her writing.


That evening we went onto the school website and we had a look at some of the photographs and the blogs that had been written by the children. The website is really showcasing the school in the community. I saw a photo of some of the children getting their Superstar reading badges – including Sophie! The school has really motivated us to read together at home. Sophie simply loves reading!








Liberty Primary Year 6 Comment


As Sophie leaves Liberty Primary, I’m extremely proud of the young lady she has become, she didn’t find everything easy but she really has taken on board the advice she has been given in the school by the staff. Sophie has excellent attendance and always follows the Liberty values , this has really helped her achieve her very best! The curriculum has enabled her to develop excellent writing skills which she uses to link across each subject area. Sophie really enjoyed some of the key texts in Year 6 such as ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’; she showed such empathy to the main character! She said she wants to be a journalist when she’s older and I’m sure her competent skills in writing across the curriculum will help her. Sophie has a passion about protecting the environment and wrote an amazing article about the impact of the carbon footprint. All I know is that wherever Sophie ends up she will make a difference to the lives of others.


Mrs R Judd





Dear Diary,

I had a brilliant day today; an article I wrote was published in the Mitcham Guardian! Everybody at school was talking about it. I guess I have Liberty to thank for that. My English teacher says that all of the former Liberty pupils have wonderful creative writing skills.

I also have Liberty to thank for my love of reading- it’s my favourite activity whenever I have any spare time. All of those competitions, author days and book fairs have really helped to inspire my imagination.

Sophie Indalo




To The National Council of Training of Journalists


My name is Sophie Indalo and I would like to be considered for an apprenticeship course with the Evening Standard. I am a keen and talented writer and have won national awards since primary school. I have also had regular articles published in the local paper during my time at Secondary school.


As I enter adulthood, I look back on the experiences that have brought me to this point and I know that the writing skills I have learnt will take me far in life.


My first school years gave me confidence, academic skills and taught me to be independent, a really important life skill. Teachers inspired me to develop a true love of learning.


I am a hardworking, conscientious individual and I know that through my writing I can make a difference to the lives of others.


Yours sincerely,


Sophie Indalo


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Our Values


Our school values are the characteristics and qualities that our staff body and our children strive to embody as they work towards the school’s vision.   Our school values are the building blocks to achieve the school vision for every child at Liberty Primary School.



Love of learning

We enjoy a creative and rich curriculum at Liberty that allows us to engage with interesting topics and enjoy learning through practical hands-on experiences.  We are passionate and determined.  We try our best and are able to make mistakes.  We are curious, interested in the world around us and enjoy questioning concepts and asking why?



We are independent leaners who develop and advance through our own dedication and initiative.  We independently seek new skills and look for new topics to develop understanding and proficiency in.  We develop independent learning skills to support our independent progression as well as to assist and work cooperatively with others. 


Be creative

We use our imagination and think creatively to solve problems, develop new ideas and tackle challenges.  We are resourceful in our approach to learning.  We are willing to have a go, try new ways and methods, and are resilient when there are difficulties.



We are able to empathise with others within our school and the wider society.  We have desire and skills to support others through our actions and with our words.  We are able to reflect on our own experiences, our actions and the feelings of others.



At Liberty Primary School we respect each other; our differences and our similarities.  We have mutual respect and tolerance for each other’s background, faith, feelings and opinion’s.  We have respect for our own and each other’s learning. We have an understanding and respect for right and wrong and the rule of law in and around the school.



We believe in each other.  We contribute positively to the school and to the local community.  We have the skills to work and support each other during team learning and activities.  We collectively support our house teams.  We have strong social skills and encourage participation and inclusion for all in team games and activities.



We have belief in ourselves.   We are aware of who we are and we value our own identities.  We are aware of the opportunities and experiences that are available to us in our life at Liberty and in the future.  We are in control of our own learning, feelings and behaviour.  We are able to develop our self-esteem and self-confidence.