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Liberty opens the doors to opportunities.


At Liberty Primary School we strongly believe in promoting positive learning behaviours that will enable children to become motivated, lifelong learners. Strong and secure moral values are important to us at Liberty as these help create indivudals who are self aware and thrive in a diverse community. 

We use carefully planned lessons and activities to promote mutual respect and to learn to treat ourselves and others with care and dignity.


Our curriculum is designed to provide children with a wealth of rich experiences from which to learn, from specialist teachers in Physical Education and Music to an in depth understanding of the digestive system in Science linked to our Cornerstones topics. We believe that children learn best by ‘experiencing’ and that these opportunities give them invaluable practise to develop their self-confidence, independence and ability to take risks.


We deliver the National Curriculum objectives through memorable and interesting topics carefully selected from the Cornerstones scheme, ensuring breadth and balance across all subject areas. Where possible, we use a cross-curricular approach and we choose themed texts to support our learning in each topic. We have three key parts of each topic:


  • Engage (hook):

We begin each topic with the Engage stage where we aim to ‘hook’ the children into an idea through a memorable experience. Teachers ask questions about children's interest and understanding to spark children's curiosity.

Develop (knowledge and skills progression):

Children will then explore themes, concepts and subjects in greater depth. Teachers give the children opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge. This enables all children to make progress and gain confidence across all areas of learning. Throughout, children are offered rich and stimulating experiences and are taught to think creatively and have the chance to work independently and collaboratively.

  • Express:

Finally, in the Express stage children reflect on their learning through talk and there are opportunities for shared evaluation.  Children are given opportunities to share their learning in different ways and to find next steps. With involvement of families this allows for shared understanding of progress and achievement.


Our curriculum is aspirational; we want our children to widen their horizons beyond our local setting. Our children learn about inspirational historical figures, far-flung places of the Earth and fascinating scientific phenomenon. There are no limits to our ambition. We recognise that learning is a journey and above all, we value the effort that children make towards achieving their goals.

Whole School Curriculum Map