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Vision and Values


Liberty Vision

Liberty opens the doors of opportunities.


Liberty Primary School promises to ensure no door of opportunity is closed to you because they want you to have a life full of choice.  They will make sure the excellent teaching means you will make the best possible progress. This will open some of the biggest and heaviest doors. Some doors can be a challenge to open, but with teamwork, respect, empathy, independence, creativity, love of learning and belief in you, no door shall remain closed. You will see different pathways ahead of you.  Whichever door you choose, be it the French door, music, science or PE door, the staff at Liberty will help you to succeed at every step.


Our Values


Love of Learning

We enjoy a creative and rich curriculum at Liberty that allows us to engage with interesting topics and enjoy learning through practical hands-on experiences.  We are passionate and determined.  We try our best and are able to make mistakes.  We are curious, interested in the world around us and enjoy questioning concepts and asking why?



We are independent leaners who develop and advance through our own dedication and initiative.  We independently seek new skills and look for new topics to develop understanding and proficiency in.  We develop independent learning skills to support our independent progression as well as to assist and work cooperatively with others. 


Be creative

We use our imagination and think creatively to solve problems, develop new ideas and tackle challenges.  We are resourceful in our approach to learning.  We are willing to have a go, try new ways and methods, and are resilient when there are difficulties.



We are able to empathise with others within our school and the wider society.  We have desire and skills to support others through our actions and with our words.  We are able to reflect on our own experiences, our actions and the feelings of others.



At Liberty Primary School we respect each other; our differences and our similarities.  We have mutual respect and tolerance for each other’s background, faith, feelings and opinion’s.  We have respect for our own and each other’s learning. We have an understanding and respect for right and wrong and the rule of law in and around the school.



We believe in each other.  We contribute positively to the school and to the local community.  We have the skills to work and support each other during team learning and activities.  We collectively support our house teams.  We have strong social skills and encourage participation and inclusion for all in team games and activities.



We have belief in ourselves.   We are aware of who we are and we value our own identities.  We are aware of the opportunities and experiences that are available to us in our life at Liberty and in the future.  We are in control of our own learning, feelings and behaviour.  We are able to develop our self-esteem and self-confidence.