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Welcome to Liberty Primary School.  


Hello and welcome to Liberty Primary School, my name is Rena Shahjahan and I am proud to be head teacher of Liberty Primary school.


Our website is here to inform you as a parent and a member of our community about our school. I hope it gives you a true feel of the school and gives you the information that you may require. Liberty is an amazing school with amazing children. Our school environment is exceptional for a London school as we have a large field, two playgrounds and an astroturf for all of those budding footballers !


We are a busy, happy school and highly value our children's families and the local community we serve.


We aim to keep a 'family feel' to our school and want all of our children to experience 'Pride in achievement', in a whole range of curriculum subjects, through a varied and exciting range of learning opportunities, in and out of the classroom, within and beyond the school day.


We hope that as you look at the site you find what you need, but if not, just get in touch and we can deal with your queries in person.


Kind regards

Rena Shahjahan